Drug Abuse and Addiction in Washington

Individuals looking for drug detox in Washington, whether for themselves, family or friends, should understand some facts and how to deal with this very serious issue. Many individuals have lost their life or family members to drugs and it can be hard to grasp that someone may need serious help. Many individuals may not even want to get help, so individuals looking to help someone should understand that it is a process that does not happen overnight.

Quick Facts of Drug Abuse in Washington

Drug abuse or addiction is a tough situation to be in, because drugs can have an effect on both mental and physical health that if left untreated can lead to permanent damage or even death. In 2016, 700 individuals passed away due to opioid overdoses. This is a very big concern that many have noticed similar numbers across the country that are affecting millions around the United States. Another scary fact about drug abuse in Washington is that in 2015, 337,000 individuals had an alcohol problem that needed some form of treatment. Of all those individuals only 50,000 of the whole group actually sought out to get treatment and 50% percent of those individuals actually needed treatment for both alcohol and drugs. So, if someone needs treatment if they are afraid to call or go into a facility they should at least research how they can receive help by typing in drug detoxification everett wa into Google so they can find some help to change their life in the best way possible dealing with this issue.

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How to Deal with Drug Abuse in Washington

Individuals looking to get treatment can go about getting help in a number of different ways. For example, the four best ways of getting treatment is full-time inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, detoxification services, and group or one on one therapy sessions. Inpatient treatments are serious treatments where an individual goes to a facility and does all day treatment to help them beat addiction. Outpatient treatment is a little different that allows individuals to continue to work or go to school while they receive treatment part time. Detoxification services are where individuals get medically detoxed of the drug they are dependent upon. This is a great service where professional medical staff will closely watch an individual’s vitals and health until the process is finished. Lastly, group and one on one therapy sessions can be very beneficial helping individuals understand they are not the only one going through the issue and there are people who are willing to help them through the process of reaching sobriety.


Although, this was just a short summary of the substance abuse and addiction issue some important information was provided in this passage. First, was eye opening facts on drug abuse in Washington and the deaths it has caused in the area. Following up, different treatment options were provided to hopefully help individuals understand how they can receive help in the way that best works for them.